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Mayor Lightfoot, CTA and CPS Announce “CTA Elevating Futures Scholarship Fund” Now Accepting Applications from CPS High School Students

CTA opens college scholarship program for low-income Chicago youth in program’s second year.

CTA, ACE host Trades Day for CPS Students

CTA helps provide a path for CPS high school students to pursue architecture-, construction- and engineering-related careers as part of RPM Phase One Project.

Bronzeville High Schoolers Move Towards Finalizing Smart City Prototypes at ComEd Ideathon Workshop

ComEd hosted its final Ideathon working session where high school students finalized smart city technology projects.

ComEd Leaders Help Further Students' STEM Skills at Immersive Workshop

ComEd hosted students to develop their STEM skills and enhance their understanding of the fundamentals of energy, smart-city technologies and sustainability.

Solid Metal Group Working on an O'Hare Expansion

Solid Metal Group takes immense pride in announcing a new project that they are working on  - an O’Hare airport expansion. This project was conceptualized and rolled out by an architect from Parsons. The project to be carried out by Solid Metal Group is going to cover the Steel Tie of O’Hare Arts Expansion Series, along the mainline track, which is located at a significant distance from the current platform.

The expansion was conceptualized and approved in order to ensure that the airport successfully satisfies every individual passenger with the extensive space and added amenities. Over the last couple of years, the metal fabrication industry has held a key to the expansion of both the engineering and manufacturing sectors on a global level. Several industries, including the aerospace, construction, energy, power and automotive sectors, solely survive due to this metal fabrication industry. In 2016 alone, the consumption of steel sporadically increased by 1.3 percent since 2015. Currently, there’s an average consumption of 1600 tonnes.

The EIU had recently revised the growth outlook in 2017 and there has been an increase from 1.4 percent to 2.4 percent. Due to the high demand and consumption of steel, the businesses operating within the metal fabrication industry are constantly implementing newer trends and strategies. In addition to this, they are also embracing newer developments with the aim of spurring growth in the market. The future of several industries, are heavily reliant on the growth of metal fabrication industry.

About Solid Metal Group

Solid Metal Group is a diversified manufacturer of industrial and commercial metal. Being a leading player in the metal fabrication industry, this company particularly specializes in design and comes up with high quality steel rail items for leading railway companies across both domestic as well as export markets. The signature metal poles manufactured from the company can be extensively found along O’Hare International Airport to the BP gas stations all along Chicago, IL. Over time, the company has established itself as one of the biggest metal fabricators in the state with their exceptional services and high quality equipment. They offer equipment repair and custom modification services up and across Chicago and the surrounding areas.

For more information:
1633 5th Avenue
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 757-7421

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