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News items related to Powell's Barber Shop

Barber Shop Cease Fire Movement - July 31st at Ogden Park

A Barber Shop Cease Fire Movement will be held at Ogden Park Track Arena on July 31, 2016 from 10am – 5pm. Barbers from all over Chicago and around the world will come out to stand up for their communities and promote the leaders, shot callers, and the youth of the gangs to stop the violence in Chicago and their cities. 

3rd Annual Community Clean-up Celebration & Concert

3rd Annual Community Clean-up Celebration & Concert hosted by Powell's Barber Shop.

Meet Englewood's Own Powell's Barber Shop

Do you know your local barbershop? Powell's Barber Shop is Englewood's Barber Shop that provides not just hair cuts but a pleothora of community enriched services and events to Englewood.

Englewood Shop Talk With Shanah B

Englewood Shop Talk with Shanah B is a pilot launch of a monthly speaker series documenting conversations that main stream media fails to capture. WHO REALLY OWNS ENGLEWOOD!! NOV 21ST. Will you be there?

"Encouraging A Peaceful School Year"

3rd Annual Back to School Mall Celebration,"Encouraging A Peaceful School Year" Come Celebrate Our Success in Serving Englewood, Saturday August 31st at Powell's Barbershop.


3rd Annual Back to School Mall Celebration


"Encouraging A Peaceful School Year"


Come Celebrate Our Success in Serving Englewood

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