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News items related to Advocate Trinity Hospital

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Celebrity Basketball Game to Salute First Responders, Teach CPR

Advocate Trinity Hospital to host 3rd Annual Celebrity Basketball Game on October 26. 

Can dirty indoor air hurt your lungs?

Mold, pollen and building materials can all cause lung health problems, a doctor says.

Does a seafood-based diet make sense for you?

An expert has some specific recommendations.

What can you do to stop the number of deaths from this cancer?

Find out why one expert says there are no excuses.

Advocate Medical Group Office Opens at Imani Village

Advocate Health Care and Trinity United Church of Christ partner on South Side health care

Is multitasking hurting your brain?

Your way of being productive may not be as effective as you think.

What happens when you exercise outside in the cold?

Find out if this something you should do

What is airplane ear?

How to ease ear discomfort during air travel

Advocate Trinity Hospital to Host Athletes Know CPR Basketball Jam Classic Nov. 11

Join Advocate Trinity Hospital for an afternoon of basketball, music and free CPR training. 

Should you be drinking pickle juice post-workout?

An orthopedic surgeon weighs in on whether the pucker is worth the punishment.

Ever eat fast food? Here are some rules.

Check out this advice for convenience eaters.

Is this the secret to bouncing back post pregnancy?

Read on for more about regaining your "cool factor."

Gazing into his wife’s eyes helped save her life

This daily act of love helped spot one of the deadliest cancers

Advocate Trinity Hospital Named Among Best in Heart Failure Care

Hospital Named Among Best in Illinois by U.S. News & World Report

Advocate Trinity Hospital Announces New President

Rashard Johnson named as President of Advocate South Suburban and Advocate Trinity Hospitals

Cubs Bat Kid Experience Marks Happy Ending After Injury

South Side Mom reminds parents that not all concussions are linked to sports

Advocate Trinity Hospital Acheives Gold Status in Stroke Care

American Heart Association recognizes Advocate Trinity's commitment to quality stroke care.

Can your back pain be treated at home?

Before you go head over heels for this at-home remedy, see if it’s right for you.

Is this the #1 secret to healthy weighty loss?

The key to shedding pounds may lie where you least expect it.

The Truth About Your Evening Nightcap
Having an after-work beer or an evening glass of wine to help de-stress and wind down may not be the best idea. Find out why.
Black Panther's Hidden Health Message?

Why you may want to emulate the hair care of the women in Marvel Studio's record-breaking megahit.

Advocate Trinity Hospital Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Hospital honors 55 volunteers for valuable contributions

Advocate Trinity Hospital President Makes Top Minority Execs List

Terika Richardson recognized for improving health outcomes, driving innovation to advance care delivery

Want to live longer? Eat this

This snack may help you avoid a life-threatening mishap.

Suburban Mom Offers Heart Month Gift to Southeast Side Newborns

Hospital worker hand-knits baby hats to raise awareness about heart disease.

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