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R.A.G.E. President Featured in Rolling Out

Check out the recent article in Rolling Out that featured the President of R.A.G.E., Asiaha Butler.  In the article she talks about the work of R.A.G.E., the So Fresh Saturdays series, Chiraq and more.

Below is an excerpt from the article, you can read the full article here.

"What are your thoughts on the gang problem and murders in Chicago? Where do you think it stems from?

My thoughts about the gangs or so-called gangs is rooted from the structural ills of our society. Gang life was more structured in the 90s with rules and boundaries, however, many of these gang leaders have since been locked up and now have sons, grandsons, nephews who are involved in street/block crews. Violence is just an outcome of a system that is broken. If there is a clear lack of value and respect of areas with concentrated poverty, it is only natural for some of the individuals in these areas to also lack value and respect for their neighborhood and the people in it. Most acts of violence are interpersonal conflicts with one another and usually the only thing these individuals know is how to end these conflicts with murder. These are isolated events but far to common."

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