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Summer Trends: Design Your Own Wardrobe

This saturday, July 12, Rashanah Baldwin and Corrinn Cobb the ladies behind UGE will  partake in the fun with The So Fresh Saturdays series that's bringing entertainment, fun, and peace to the Englewood community.

UGE will host a workshop called Summer Trends: Design Your Own Wardrobe at Lindblom Park at 3:30pm.  Ladies 18 and older are welcome to attend and particpate in some fashion fun demostrations and presenations. There's no cost!

Time 3:30pm  Where: Lindblom Park  6054 S. Damen.

Urban Girl Essentials is a platform for the urban girl with a passion for beauty, health and fashion!

Most beauty media would have you to believe that living a healthy and fashionable lifestyle in a big city is easy. (You can thank Carrie Bradshaw, Olivia Pope, and Tyra for that!) But we girls here in Chicago know better, and it gets even trickier if you live in the ‘hood! Want to try a fresh, green power smoothie with that one funky herb you learned about while watching Dr. Oz? Well, you have to trek downtown for that. Bikram yoga is cool, but so not worth sweating out your new ‘do. And is it just us, or are all the ‘good’ vintage boutiques on the Northside?

Well, Urban Girl Essentials (UGE) is here to show a much simpler way of living in the city, while still being a chic, hip, and sexy urbanite! Shanah B and Cee are the ladies behind UGE!

Keywords: Beauty, Chicago, Englewood, fashion, RAGE, Rashanah Baldwin and Corrinn Cobb, So Fresh Saturdays, Urban Girl Essentials

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