maritza wills

Hi my name is Maritza Wills I attend Hyde Park Career Academy I am a senior. I love

I am a very caring and smart young lady that has many goals.  I say I am caring and smart because I’m always their when someone needs me and that I think smart when taking action before making any decisions. I remember a time when my friend left home and didn’t have anywhere to go so she called me because she knew I cared and that she can count on me. I opened my heart and my doors up to her by letting  her stay at my house for a while. I feel that I have a bad temper at times to the point where I can’t take it anymore and I explode. I let little things in life get to me. I know deep down within I can change  that and I have been working on it by going to church and learning how to cope and deal with my attitude when I get into difficult situations that I am not in control of.

As a senior at Hyde Park I have many dreams and goals. I feel I can do anything if I try. I try in make the best of what I do. I plan on leaving Chicago and going to college far out for 4 years I’m going to a university. I don't know where exactly because I have so many choices.  I’m a strong believer that believes I will and can succeed.


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