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Responding to the need of uninsured and under-insured women (and men) to obtain this potentially lifesaving screening, the Foundation is partnering with select Chicago area health care institutions to provide access to mammography.

Buy A Mom A Mammogram® funds cost free mammograms and diagnostic testing to individuals in a timely, dignified and respectful fashion.

Do you need a mammogram and can't afford it?

Please call (312) 345-1322  or (Toll Free) 1-877-924-1126 to see if we can help

Keep aBreast is a face to face, multimedia breast health presentation that includes a straightforward discussion between breast cancer survivors and young women.  The goal is two-fold: to teach young women to become advocates for their own breast health and to raise awareness of the need for breast cancer screening to those who are uninsured or under insured. If your organization, school, church, youth group, is interested in a Keep aBreast  presentation, please contact J Smith-Lindsey at 312-345-1322 or