Strategic Recommendations for Education in Englewood

Goal #1: Ensure All Englewood Students Have Access to High Quality Educational Options from Early Childhood Through High School.

Goal #2:  Increase Parental/Caregiver Participation and Expand Support of the Educational, Social and Emotional Development of Englewood Students.

Goal #3: Ensure All Schools Have Highly Qualified Administrators, Faculty and Staff Fully Invested in Our Community and Students.

Goal #4: Ensure High Quality Early Childhood Program Options as a Foundation for Student Learning and Development.

Goal #5: Implement and Coordinate Middle School Instructional Programs Which Effectively Prepare Students for Success in High School.

Goal #6: Ensure Student-Centered High School Options That Meet Individual Student Needs and Effectively Prepare for Post-Secondary Success.

Goal #7: Establish More Inviting, Culturally-Relevant (e.g., race, gender, etc.) Learning Climates through Collaboration and Coordination of Instructional Programs.

Goal #8: Increase Collaboration Between Schools, Community Organizations, Political Officials, Faith-Based Communities, Businesses, Residents, Parents and Students.

Goal #9: Support of Youth Empowerment, Character Development and Active Student Voice in Addressing Educational and Community Development Needs.

Goal #10: More Effectively Leverage School and Community Resources to Provide Safe School Environments, After-School and Extracurricular Supports.

Goal #11: Implement Emotional and Health Support Services to Support Student Learning.

Goal #12: All Englewood Schools Utilize State-of-the-Art Technology to Educate Students.