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Excel Academy of Englewood

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  • Kevin Sweetland, Executive Director
  • 7141 S. Morgan St.
  • Chicago, IL 60621
  • 773-675-6654 (phone)

Excel Academy of Englewood(EAE) opened August 2013. The  HIghschool is located 7141 S Morgan St. EAE enrolles over-age under-credited students 15-21 who are looking to get back into school and earn their high school diploma.

Any student who lives in the city of Chicago and is behind in their credits is eligible.  Students can earn up to 5 credits per semester and 10 credits per year by attending this program.  

This allows students to graduate within 2.5 years or less, depending on their credit situation.  For more information or to enroll, please call  773-675-6674

Phone: 773-675-6674 (Main Office)
Fax: 773-675-6358


Excel Academy of Englewood

7141 S. Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60621

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