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Emma's Kitchen

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Emma’s Kitchen LLC is a culinary services enterprise providing personal chef services, catered events, retail products and educational opportunities – with sustainability as our cornerstone.  Our mission is to bring mouth-watering food to the consumer that is both satisfying and healthy.  We offer healthy alternatives to familiar foods.  If you are vegetarian or vegan, we have appetizers, entrees, soups and desserts that honor your dietary preference.  All of our foods are prepared “from scratch” with only natural and organic ingredients.

Whether planning an intimate dinner for two or a reception for 200, let Emma's Kitchen work with you to deliver a dining experience your guests will rave about.


Emma's Kitchen

Chicago, IL

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3:12 PM
May 2, 2012
April Thompson says:

I attended a Open House at Growing Home the other week and Emma's Kitchen provided refreshments that were just delicious. Chef Josephine made Pesto Pasta, Carrot Cake and other awesome dishes. She showed how easy it was to make these dishes and even provided the recipes. Emma's Kitchen did a wonderful job!!

11:42 PM
Nov 27, 2011
xavia burchette says:

emma's kitchen catered my thanksgiving dinner.
roasted twin turkeys, webber grilled smoked pork tenderloin , stirred fried saki string beans w/ginger, garlic, sweet potatoes, broccoli/ cheese macaroni, pomegranate sorbet, pecan pie,pumpkin cheese cake, her signature carrot cake, homemade butter quench dinner rolls, cornbread dressing/gravy, homemade cranberry sauce and her signature sweet tea.

appertizer: salmon dip, guacamole, sevred nw/homemade chips, so so goooddddd.....

8:27 PM
Sep 14, 2011
xavia burchette says:

excellent box lunch provide at the englewood art festival. i had the turkey lunch box. you had to use both hands to hold it. it was hardy and tasty. the cole slaw bursted with flavor and texture within your mouth. the cookies were a delicate taste of chocolate, nuts, oatmeal,,etc. which completed a satisfying lunch. mmm.....mmmmmm. i wish i had some those cookies now...............

10:42 AM
Aug 8, 2011
Rosalind Moore says:

I highly recommend Emma's Kitchen as a full service, reasonably priced caterer!
I hosted a trunk party this weekend and Emma's Kitchen provided a Chicken Salad-delicate white meat chicken with tossed celery, peppers, green onions, dried cranberries, pecans and a special seasoned sauce. My guests became addicted! Equally outstanding was the Italian Pasta Bake and Parmesan Rolls. YUM YUM!

12:51 PM
Aug 1, 2011
Rosalind Moore says:

This is one of the best cheesecakes I've ever tasted! I plan to contact Emma's Kitchen for my next catering event.

12:25 PM
Aug 1, 2011
Tawanna Smith says:

I enjoyed this cheesecake particularly because I tasted a hint of lemon, which made it rather light. Normally cheesecake is heavy to my palate but this one is light. I also liked that the topping is on the side. So I can control the portion and it tastes so much fresher that way. You make quite a delicious light & airy cheesecake. Wonderful Job.

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