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Tune Into To "What's Good In Englewood With Shanah B"

If dreams aren't illegal in the hood then why is it so hard to believe there's good in Englewood?

Did you know what’s “Good in Englewood” is talked about every Tuesday's on WKKC 89.3 FM at 1:20pm.

Englewood's own Rashanah Baldwin aka Shanah B., a journalist and media personality is on WKKC 89.3 FM Tuesday's at 1:20pm spreading the news to anyone who will listen that amazing things happen all the time in Chicago's most talked about Englewood community.

Want to know what's Good In Englewood? Tune into WKKC 89.3 FM or online to WKKC Radio to "What's Good In Englewood With Shanah B", as she discusses the latest positive events, programs and people in the community.

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