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5 More Days Until Brighter Future Award Deadline!

Big Shoulders Fund is continuing to accept applications for  Brighter Future Award 2013 for the next 5 day. A scholarship lottery aimed at investing in our young scholars in these crucial times for education in Englewood. The Brighter Future Award is a scholarship of up to $3,500 dollars to attend a Big Shoulders Fund school  of your choice anywhere in the city of Chicago. (see here) The Brighter Future Award aims to assist those student who are currently enrolled at closing,Level 3 and/or “on probation” school.  The scholarship typically represents 70% to 100% of tution cost depending on school and is auto-renewing for each academic school year up to 8th grade!   Previous students who have received Big Shoulders Fund scholarships have been put on the fast track to attend some of the nation's best Colleges and Universities.

 Time is Limited. Let’s make a Brighter Future a  reality for your child!

Please Fill out an Application packet Today-Eligibility requirement apply

( see here for attached PDF)

Application Deadline: July 29th 2013


Physical copies of Applications are  available at location listed below

  • Kelly Library: 6151 S. Normal Blvd Chicago, IL 60621
  • Imagine Englewood If: 730 W 69th St, Chicago, IL
  • Teamwork Englewood: 815 W 63rd St Suite 2, Chicago, IL

Drop by to see what the Big Shoulders Fund school can do for you!

 To find out more Check out : and  if you need any assistance in the application process and other opportunities

  Please contact: Community Outreach Coordinator Michael Johnson at 

Phone : 312 544 8689 or Email:



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