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OPEN HOUSE: Year Up Chicago

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Year Up is an intensive, one year training program for 18-24 year olds that focuses on computer and professional skills.  It’s free, and students can earn up to 18 college credits.  Students are paid a weekly stipend of up to $153 during the first six months and up to $225 per week during the second six months of the program. 

The year is divided into two parts—the classroom phase and the internship phase. During the classroom phase students take classes onsite in Information Technology. This includes learning about computer software and hardware, becoming familiar with the internal components of a computer and the common software programs used in a corporate setting.  Students also take classes in Business Communications and Professional Skills learning skills like meeting leadership, appropriate corporate email, and networking introductions. 

During the internship phase, students are placed in internships at corporations like Google, Bank of America, and Chase.  Ongoing evaluation occurs throughout the Corporate Internship, so that students can complete the Year Up program poised for success in the corporate world.

For more information about the Year Up Program, please join us for an OPEN HOUSE (dates listed below):

  • October 1 at 3 PM

  • October 11 at 4 PM
  • October 18 at 3 PM
  • October 25 at 4 PM
  • November 1 at 3 PM

  • November 8 at 4 PM
  • November 15 at 3 PM
  • November 19 at 4 PM
  • November 29 at 3 PM

  • December 6 at 4 PM
  • December 10 at 3 PM
  • December 20 at 4 PM

To RSVP, call 312-726-5300 ext. 4514 and leave your name, phone number, and the date of the open house you would like to attend.


OPEN HOUSE: Year Up Chicago

223 W. Jackson, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60606

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