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Art show: "God's Mind"

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God's Mind is my art show in Bronzeville at the historic Southside Community Art Center, 3831 S Michigan Ave, Chicago.  I transform a room with acrylic painted on colored canvas from floor to ceiling.  I illustrate through characters (Black God, Red I, Yellow You, Blue Other) what I've discovered in my lifelong quest to know everything and apply that knowledge usefully.  My character "Yellow You" or the "Higher Self" is based on long-term resident David Ellison-Bey of the Moorish Cultural Workshop.  David is currently fighting for his dignity (and our dignity) as he faces eviction.

My show lasts all of April and I'm there Wednesdays 12-5, Fridays 12-5 and Saturdays 9-5.  I'd like to bring it to Englewood and keep adapting it and expanding it.  

As the weather grows nice, I dream of creating "learning canvases" for a "learning walk" through Englewood.  I'm creating "learning canvases" for playing chess (using velcro pieces), learning phonics or math, and any subject..  I'm looking for families that would like to learn and teach using such "learning canvases" and hang them on their fence to engage and encourage others.  I think that 100 such public works of art would transform our neighborhood and unites us in a very public university.  Please let me know if you are interested!  I'd like to work on this through Imagine Englewood if... and other organizations.  Andrius Kulikauskas,, (773) 306-3807


Art show: "God's Mind"

3831 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60653

Keywords: Art, historic Southside Community Art Center, Imagine Englewood, learning

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