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The First Step in Fundraising : Tools and Tips (Chicago)

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Are you trying to raise money for your religious congregation, school, or community group? The Donors Forum is a great place to start. We offer free one-hour workshops that will help you take your first few steps toward developing a fundraising strategy. Nick, our librarian, will teach you how to identify potential donors using our prospecting databases, which you can access free in the Donors Forum Library.  He will also give you an overview of Donors Forum’s collection of books and resources on grant writing, individual fundraising, nonprofit management, leadership, and governance. You’ll learn how to navigate the mountain of information on nonprofit best practice and move one step closer to achieving your goals.

The workshops take place every other Tuesday at the Donors Forum Library, located at 208 S. LaSalle Suite 1540. Our workshops fill up fast, so all participants must register prior to the event.Please click here to register


The First Step in Fundraising : Tools and Tips (Chicago)

208 S. LaSalle Suite 1540
Chicago, IL 60604

Keywords: community, development, fundraising, nonprofit, training, workshops

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