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Growing Home Community Garden Planning Mtg/Workshop: WORMS!

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Growing Home invites you to join us THIS THURS 2p at our Wood St Farm for:
Community Garden Planning Mtg/Workshop: WORMS!
7/28 2p
(EVERY 4th Thurs of month)

5814 S. Wood St.

We'll be demonstrating how to build and use a worm bin for your home. You can build it in mins and it can cost only a few dollars! We will also be discussing some of the local community gardens that are springing and how we can all bring together our hands, knowledge, and resources.

Please pass this along and spread the word, we need to bring our community together and BUILD

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all at these events!

Love & Peas...

Seneca Kern
Growing Home


Growing Home Community Garden Planning Mtg/Workshop: WORMS!

5814 S. Wood St.
Chicago, IL

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