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The Rules of Engagement: Understanding the Redistricting Process

Now that you have a sense for the major issues surrounding the Census; why it's important and how you can get involved, the next logical step is understanding how the data may be used for redistricting purposes.  This webinar is the first of a 3-part case study of how the Lawndale Alliance worked with other organizations around the State of Illinois to develop a redistricting map that maximized opportunities for minority groups to elect candidates of their choice.  This webinar will provide 

  • Overview of issues that impact the remapping process from a  community perspective
  • Review of Census data for representative legislative districts
  • Review current maps of legislative districts
  • Understand the relationship between Census data and the remapping process
  • Overview of current laws that govern the process
  • Review the schedule for developing new districts

Register here.

Keywords: Capacity Building, Census, civic engagement, Community Development, Community Engagement, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Utopia, Valerie F. Leonard, Webinars

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