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30-Day Compliance Challenge

Over 890,000 U.S. nonprofit organizations lost their tax-exempt status between 2016 and now. Don't let your organization join them.  We will show you...

  • Who the major players in nonprofit compliance are, and their roles in enforcement and strengthening the sector at the state and federal levels.

  • How to take corrective action and systems you can put in place  to prevent future problems with compliance
  • The board and staff roles in maintaining compliance, and potential consequences.

  • Which forms you need to fill out to bring your organization current.

  • Strategies you can use if you get a letter from the IRS threatening to revoke your organization's tax-exempt status

  • How to take the 30-Day Compliance Challenge

  • What to do if your organization has lost its tax-exempt status

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Keywords: Capacity Building, Nonprofit Compliance, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Utopia, Organizational Development, Valerie F. Leonard

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