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Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Phase II

Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition has over 30 applicants competing for a small-business grants from a pool of $40,000 to support the innovative ideas of entrepenuers and small buisness owners in providing needed products and services to the people of the Englewood community. 

The competition was created by the Englewood Quality of Life Plan - Jobs and Economic Development Taskforce in partnership with Teamwork Englewood and the Whole Food Market Englewood . The Taskforce established a goal to asses and identify business opportunites crucial to building a thriving enterprise zone in Englewood and developed the competiton to serve as a catalyst for Englewood based entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

The business plan competition will culminate with an public pitch to a expert  each finalists having 3 minute to pitch of their business plans. 

Englewood Quality of Life  Plan Business Competition - Public Pitch 
Thursday, December 15, 2016
10:00am - 1:00pm
Teamwork Englewood 
815 W. 63rd Street 2nd Floor

Please see Folder link below for applicant supplementary documents-

Required business plan competition forms and resources follow: Folder Link: HERE

o   Business Plan Outline and Elements 

o   Final Business Plan Check List

o   Business Seminar Attendance Verification Form 

o   Business Plan Competition Collaborators List 

o   Final Steps

o   Rules and Guidelines

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